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Choosing the best ring lights for your business involves considering specific needs such as Zoom meetings, video production, content creation, makeup tutorials, small business use, and photography. For Zoom calls, opt for ring lights that offer adjustable brightness and color temperature to enhance your appearance on camera. For video content creators, larger ring lights with high lumen output and color accuracy are ideal. Makeup artists benefit from ring lights with natural lighting options to accurately showcase their work. Small businesses should look for versatile, easy-to-use ring lights that can adapt to various settings. Lastly, for photography, select ring lights that provide even, soft lighting to eliminate harsh shadows, ensuring professional-quality images. Each of these ring lights enhances visual quality, catering to the diverse requirements of different business and creative needs.

Neewer Camera Photo Video Lighting Kit

Best for home studio. This 18-inch variant incorporates 240 LEDs calibrated to a 5500K color temperature, making it an ideal choice for home studio setups. It features built-in dimming capabilities, and although it lacks specific color controls, it includes attachable filters for customization. Additionally, it comes with a lightweight yet sturdy tripod, a phone holder, and a hot shoe attachment.


  • Colour temperature: 5500K
  • LEDs / Light / CRI: 240 / not stated / >83
  • Weight: 5.2kg
  • Power: mains

Neewer RGB Ring Light Smartphone Video Rig

Best for handheld. The rear-facing LCD screen showcases a range of settings, encompassing 17 convenient presets. It accommodates both smartphones and compact cameras, offering wireless control and including a USB battery charger.


  • Colour temperature: 2500K-10000K
  • LEDS / light / CRI: 188 / 2400 lux at 0.5m / 97+
  • Weight: 690g
  • Power: USB

IVISII 19-inch LED Ring Light Kit

Best for creativity. This ring light can hold a tablet or mobile phone. You can use it for Video, Vlogging, Live Streaming, Content Creation and Working from Home. It can be used indoors or outdoors and has 4 colour filters for greater versatility.


  • Colour temperature: 3000k to 5800k
  • LEDs / light / CRI: 280/ 4800 lux / >97
  • Weight: 509g
  • Power: battery/mains

GuD Company 5-inch ring light

Compact.┬áThis budget-friendly, compact light proves ideal for travel or video conferencing on platforms like Zoom. Its versatility shines through an adaptable tripod featuring pan-tilt capabilities and a clamp designed to be gentle on surfaces while providing a secure grip. With the accompanying controller, users have the option to select from 10 brightness levels and 5 adjustable light modes. It’s worth noting that while it may not be the most potent option available, it does not come with a mobile stand.


  • Colour temperature: Not specified
  • LEDS / Light / CRI: Not specified
  • Weight: 306g
  • Power: USB A

EOTO 21-inch Ring Light

A larger light. This 21-inch ring light represents one of the more substantial sizes available for ring lights. While its larger dimensions make it less portable, it provides ample space to comfortably accommodate a small camera or up to three smartphones simultaneously, facilitating multi-device shooting needs. Notably, it boasts an extensive color temperature range, offers adjustable brightness ranging from 10% to 100%, and is bundled with a Bluetooth controller for convenient operation.


  • Colour temperature: 2900K to 6500K
  • LEDS / light / CRI: 120/ 5400 / >97
  • Weight: 512g
  • Power: USB-C

Posliv Overhead Phone Mount and Ring Light

Best used overhead. For added versatility in recording cooking or ongoing design projects at a desk, an overhead ring light with an extendable arm can prove highly advantageous. This compact yet valuable accessory easily attaches to the edge of a desk and can be extended into the desired position to secure your phone. While it may not be the most robust option available, its affordability makes it a sensible choice.


  • Colour temperature: not stated
  • LEDs / Light / CRI: not stated
  • Weight: 900g
  • Power: USB

Joby Beamo 12-inch ring light

The Joby ring light offers plenty of customisation and is versatile. You can use it for Video, Vlogging, Live Streaming, Content Creation and Working from Home. It has adjustable colour temperature and a 10-step dimming.


  • Colour temperature: 3000-5600k
  • LEDs / Light / CRI: not stated / 400 lumen / 85
  • Weight: 330g
  • Power: USB
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